Fit Kids After School Enrichment Program

Looking for fun afterschool programs for your child? Fit Kids America offers after-school programs that are convenient for busy families and fun for kids to participate in with all of their schoolmates. Registration is OPEN for Session #1! Visit Fit Kids America for details! Search by school name to find classes offered at La Costa Meadows.


Here are a few things to know:


You should have received an email confirmation upon registration.


All teachers will have a list of programs and will send your children to the lunch tables on their class days to meet their instructor. Kindergartners, TKers, and KOC children will be picked up and escorted by our liaison. It is not necessary for you to be there to walk your child to class.


Classes are one hour, and after class, the kids will be walked to the front of the school for pick up, or back to KOC if they participate in that program. Children are NOT permitted to walk or bike home unless we have written permission.


Hot days and rainy days, physical activities will follow a rainy day protocol, but will never be canceled.


At any time you should have a question or concern regarding your specific class, please feel free to call 760-730-1115 or email








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