Passive Fundraising is an easy way to get involved and help LCM earn money - often at no cost to you!
We have a number of passive fundraising opportunities to help us reach our budget goal this year, and most require just a few "clicks" from you! Thank you for helping provide the best educational experience for all of our students! Our art and music program, science garden, technology, classroom supplies, assemblies, and much more are all funded through your PTO.

Robin Connell and Kerry Kress, 2018-2019 Passive Fundraising Co-chairs

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Here are some ways you can help earn "free money" for LCM:
1. Shop at Amazon Smile! Simply go to and designate "La Costa Meadows Parent Teacher Organization" as your charitable organization. Then shop as you would normally do and Amazon will donate 0.5% of your purchases to our school! Your Amazon account does not change, and the products and prices remain the same.
2. Collect Box Tops! Clip and save those "Box Tops for Education" off of hundreds of products! Send them in when we announce our Box Tops Collection time. Also, if you register your name at, our school receives $1 for each new registration.
3. Does your company do corporate matching? Many companies offer a charitable giving program where the organization will match donations made by employees. So, if you donate $100 to the WAVE Fund...your company will "double the donation" by also writing a $100 check to the WAVE Fund! Matching programs are offered by many companies around the world (and many here in San Diego County), and millions of people work for organizations that match donations from employees. It's often as simple as asking your Human Resources department if they participate in a charitable giving program. 
4. If you're shopping at OfficeMax provide the cashier or enter at checkout, LCM's ID#70006497. LCM will receive 5% back in credits. 
**Our administration respectfully requests that no sales pitches be made at PTO meetings. Please direct any fundraising ideas to our Fundraising board members.
Thank you for supporting the many wonderful programs that are funded by our school's PTO!




Information on 2020-2021 Sponsorship Opportunities Coming Soon!