Why do we need all this fundraising? 




Why is fundraising needed?


Most funding for schools comes from the state and is determined by various factors. California continues to spend less per child than the national average. Often the budget is made to meet the minimal amount required for a student’s education.


The PTO is the largest outside source of income for our school to help increase and supplement educational opportunities for our students. Fundraising allows our school to provide the programs most affected by budget constraints. 




What about property taxes?


Nearly all California public schools receive an equal amount per student, with additional resources for students with higher needs. The intent is to provide equal learning opportunities for children throughout the state. This means, if a district has greater funding from property taxes, they will receive less money from the state to equalize the amount each district is able to spend per child. San Marcos Unified School District has historically received less per student from the state than the average of unified school districts in San Diego.




Why do we need supplies if everything is online?


This national emergency has forced us to become more resourceful and creative in teaching our kids. PTO fundraising will contribute to distance learning resources including:

  • Increased student access to digital devices, personalized digital curriculum resources and other instructional resources
  • Updated licenses and registrations on educational technology like Accelerated Reader, MyOn Reader and BrainPop



New curriculum means new material and methods for our teachers to learn and teach. Your PTO money will allow:

  • Instructional staff to participate in professional development trainings to learn new academic standards and assessment
  • Payment for substitute teacher fees for testing and evaluation purposes
  • Leadership planning and administration support



Although school will be virtual, there will continue to be drop off and hand out dates so students can have tangible supplies at home including:


  • Art supplies
  • Grade level books and materials
  • Student planners for 3rd to 5th grade
  • Paper and equipment to produce copies and handouts
  • Subscriptions for grade appropriate magazines such as Scholastic
  • Library books
  • And finally, it will help support extracurricular and LCM family events such as:
  • Spelling bee and Geography Bee
  • Annual Talent Show
  • Kindness Week
  • Read Across America



This is why your child and your school desperately need your WAVE donation, in any amount.  
Help your PTO help your child and their education!






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